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Trainspotting step 4

I am adding a new layer for the shadows. I can easily change the values by changing the values on the transparency. I am adding highlights to the eyes and to the monkey to give him a wet look. I am darkening the background to give the shadows a better contrast. As a final touch I am adding some lettering above the characters. The entire image is done with vector elements and can easily be enlarged without loosing in quality. You could have also achieve the same effect in illustrator.

Trainspotting step 3

By using the "pen-tool" in photoshop i am coloring in the specific areas.

Trainspotting step 2

Clean up in photoshop. I adjusted the head position of rabbit. I think the head down works better.


Monkey illustration in 4 stages. I sketch out my first idea in photoshop, blocking out the composition and the color-feel.

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Just finished my latest illustration in the Monkey&Rabbit series.


Space Race

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more Monkey&Rabbit

here are some more illustrations.

Monday, April 11, 2011


Here is my latest project. I am working with a series of illustrations. Here are some of the first Images.