Monday, March 14, 2011

final stage

I fill out the rest of the dark background. I color-correct some of the colors. I darkened the eyebrows. I changed the color of the mouth and nose. There was too much red. I give the skin-color a second coating to make sure the texture is nice and even. I paint the text, sign and let the painting dry. I will later on give the painting a varnish to protect the paint.
This painting is 36inches x 24inches. Usually I don't paint that large, but it has been fun. I am starting on a second painting in the same format.

stage 5

I am outlining the character and the edges with the dark color. This is a pretty tedious stage. You will need to keep a steady hand and a lot of patience.

stage 4

I put in the colors for the character.

stage 3

I paint in the background color. I use the brightest color first. It is easier to cover a bright color with a dark color.

stage 2

I paint over the outlines with a red base-color. The red color will shine slightly through the colors I paint on top. This will add to the texture of the paint and give the painting a warmer "feel".

Monkey Painting in six stages

I project a sketch onto a canvas. I retrace the lines. I paint over the lines with a dark color to block in the paint-areas.